Our services are five stars rated on every single review. Our first priority is that every client that contact us, refer us are happy and pleased with our services. Honestly is the blood of a company reputation and our clients receive the best services available with satisfaction guarantee.



We Offer multiple channels of services, what ever need to be done, we make it happen. We provide from programming to business strategies, from Computers to Servers solution, from cabling to cloud. We analyze the future repercussion before recommending a path. ResilientFix is known for being 5 steps ahead, and secure our clients technological investments to prevent money drain. Our business logic is adjustable to any kind of business.



We currently provide services to different type of business, like Retail Stores, Wholesales, Credit Unions, Gas Stations, Lawyers, Clinics, Mechanic shops, and more than two hundred of Home Users that rate our services as five stars.


We define a business as our client's spirit. Our goal is to provide services depending on our clients need. We analyze each business environment preventing to offer or recommend unnecessary hardware, software and services. We understand this strategy is vital for our client's business health, and we feel accomplished when we grow with our client's success.



Backups and Protection is critical. Out there is a million of ways to loss data, get an infection, data theft, network compromising and other vulnerabilities that can cause a big problem and make a business bleed. Because this, ResilientFix strategics to prevent this events and provide peace of mind are solid, are really important. We consult the needs with our clients, to plan and implement tactically skilled solutions in place.

We Offer the Following Services;


  • Free Diagnostics.
  • Anti-virus Services.
  • Backup Strategies.
  • Software Installs.
  • Data Recovery.
  • Issues Troubleshoot.
  • Router Installs.



  • Wired/Wireless Network.
  • Workgroup Setup.
  • Domain Configuration.
  • Network Printer Setup.
  • Scanner Setup.
  • End User Support.
  • Cabling Services.



  • Server Services.
  • Computer Services.
  • Security Implementation.
  • Email Solutions.
  • Website Develoment.
  • Cloud Solutions.
  • Devices/Tablets Solutions.



  • Remote Support.
  • Emergency Response.
  • On-site Maintenance Plans.
  • IT Consultation.
  • Preformance strategies.
  • Customer Service.
  • Home Office Services.


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